About Us

Feta & Olives Restaurant is a fine dining restaurant serving Mediterranean food. It is situated in Cresta Shopping Centre in Cresta/Northcliff. The area is an established residential and business hub, with Feta & Olives being a restaurant where patrons, young and old, visit to enjoy lunch and dinner. The restaurant is open daily and offers Uber delivery in the area.

Our Mediterranean menu appeals to our patrons who enjoy a variety of seafood, chicken, meat, vegetarian cuisine, salads and desserts.

Our staff are our assets. They have a friendly disposition to patrons and due to consistent training, our staff retention remains high. This filters through to our financial success as excellent food and quality service is extended to our patrons.

There is a hands-on approach at Feta & Olives. The owners are skilled in the food and hospitality industry and have ensured that they are fully involved in the daily operations of the restaurant.

Company Background

Feta & Olives is a Mediterranean restaurant situated in Cresta Shopping Centre. The restaurant is run by Adel Nofal and Nishall Iswarlall with a team of dedicated staff.


To consistently improve our competitiveness in the restaurant industry by superseding customers taste expectations and experiences when dining at Feta & Olives.


Feta & Olives mission is to welcome our customers who have become family to continue enjoying our flavourful food and vibrant atmosphere.